A Weekend in Palomino

palomino guajira colombiaOur holiday in Palomino was absolutely wonderful: not only it was completely different from what I usually do on long weekends, but it also offered me the time and space to realize how gratifying it is to just try new things.

In spite of being young, and I know this might sound unusual to some, I had not been making my best effort to escape routine and boredom lately. Perhaps just because living in a city like Barranquilla after having spent many years living abroad, is not an easy thing. Adaptation is complex, stressful and very often, never totally achieved. This is my second year, and until very recently, I felt completely unfit.

But somehow my recent choices have unexpectedly changed everything around me and, may I say, some things inside me too, making life easier, more enjoyable. I’m talking about not wishing with all my heart to make what is impermanent, permanent, thus allowing myself to live the present moment. And also, understanding that detachment from past experiences feels good, and how I do not always need to have a destination or purpose.

I have spent a little too much time planning and idealizing the future, consequently missing so much of the present moment – trapped in a false idea of self, one that still takes a great deal of effort for me to digest-, yet I must say at last that unsatisfactoriness has gradually became less of a painful, frightening realization.

So in the end, I am happy I went to Palomino: it is part of what I believe to be my personal, intimate, oh-so-delayed rite of passage, along with getting my tattoo, and deciding to relate to aspects of existence such as impermanence in a completely different manner.

Yep, Palomino offered me the chance to discover how tall glasses of sweet fruit smoothies really taste like, and I took it. Just as I am taking things as they come, one at a time, in absolute gratitude and acceptance of life’s fascinating mysteries. Of course I wish some things could last longer, but why they simply don’t remains a mystery I am no longer trying to decipher 24/7. I would much rather be part of that constant flux, for every thought, feeling and state I experience is also impermanent, and like nature, I am filled with ever-changing beauty, a reminder of transformation, generosity and renewal.


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